An Inside Look: Boudoir Marathon Session

We are so excited to announce our boudoir marathon session that will be taking place on Saturday, June 11th! It’s time to break out your favorite lingerie for your very own boudoir photo shoot.

Why we love boudoir photography
We specialize in boudoir photography and we love it because the photos we capture are freeing and self-empowering; It’s the perfect opportunity to tap into your soft and sexy side. It can be an intimidating photo shoot, but we’re here to make sure you look your best in front of the camera in a fun, relaxing environment. These sessions are huge self-esteem boosters and we want to open your eyes so you cansee just how gorgeous you truly are!

We want to eliminate any reservations you may have about boudoir photography. To help paint the picture of the experience, here’s the rundown of what to expect at our boudoir event:

  1. Home Studio – Leave the stress behind of meeting in a public place and join us in our private home studio.
  2. Get your makeup done – We have a professional makeup artist onsite that will help you get dolled up and camera-ready!
  3. Get your hair done – Our hair stylist will give you a couple looks making you feel like a celebrity as you prep for your session.
  4. Choose your outfits –  Get creative! Bring a few lingerie options in different colors or accessories such as garter belts, corsets, thigh high stockings and heels.
  5.  Choose a cigar box- If you’re planning on giving your photos to your spouse or partner, you can choose a cigar box that will hold all of your favorite photos.While you’re getting primped,  we’ll be setting up, making sure the lighting and backdrop are perfect.Your session begins behind closed doors because we understand that this is an intimate and private shoot. (Bring a friend if you think they will make your photo shoot more fun and make a girls day out of it!) Our goal is to make you feel comfortable as we will be cheering you on and making you laugh. We will guide you on how to pose and will go through your photos together to ensure you’re happy with the way you look throughout your session.

    A look inside our most recent boudoir photo shoot:


Boudoir marathon session pricing
Our boudoir photo shoot is being offered for $349 (normally $474) on Saturday, June 11th only. This boudoir event special includes professional hair and makeup services and sessions will run around 45 minutes.

We hope this gives you better insight into the world of Boudoir Photography! Contact us today to reserve your spot for our boudoir marathon session 🙂  You’ll be happy to have beautiful and tasteful photos that will last a lifetime.

Thanks for reading!

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