Getting The Best Out Of Your Senior Photos

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As we head deeper into the Summer we start booking a lot more senior photo shoots.  This got us thinking – maybe we should do a Q & A about what to expect when booking a senior photo shoot.  So here we are… blogging about everything we think you would want to know before you book, after you book, during & after your senior photo shoot. Let us know if we should any any additional info for your senior yearbook photo.

Q: When is the best time to book my shoot? 

A: It’s important to know your schools due date for submitting your senior photo. So first is first, check with your school on when it’s due. You should be booking at least a month out from that due date. This gives you and us enough time finalize a date (weather can quickly change your scheduled date) and edit photos.  Our most popular months for senior photography is August and September.

Q: Do you suggest booking with a friend? 

A: Yes! Booking with a friend is great way to create a comfortable environment for yourself and the friend. Plus, you each save $50 when booking together and most shoots do last longer than when individual with no additional cost.

Tip: Think in 3’s for your shoot. We find that groups of 3 work really for senior shoots.

Q: What do you suggest for the best setting for senior photos would be?
A: We love taking photos outside! Whether we are at the beach, in downtown Newburyport or in a state park, the lighting always gives an opportunity for a unique and one-of-a-kind photo. Something that cannot be replicated in a studio.

Q: Where would we take these outdoor photos?
A: We have a few favorite spots that we frequent. Depending on your wants, needs and personality we will make suggestions for the best results.

Here are a few of our favorite photo shoot landscapes:

Downtown  – This is the perfect spot for cool and creative photos.

BarbieDeveau2014-1008 BarbieDeveau2014-1139

The Beach – The beach is breathtaking at sunset, which is why 99% of our photo shoots are done at sunset here.  This is also a great option for someone who doesn’t want taking photos in front of crowds.

aug12-1148 JRclassof2014-1061

Parks – The beautiful rustic setting creates the perfect backdrop for senior photos. Another great option for someone who doesn’t like taking photos in public.

AS-class of 2014-1087 aug12-1114

Q: Do I need to have an wardrobe change? If so, how many?
A: Usually two outfit changes is best. This gives you a chance to have diversity in your photos and you may find that one photographs better than the other.

Q: Are Moms and/or Dads welcome to come to the shoot?
A: YES! We encourage that one family member come to the shoot.

Tip: Make sure Mom, Dad or a family member is prepared to be in a photo! We love getting a shot of the family during the shoot.

JF2014-1077 CM-2013-1093

Q: What is the best time of day to book my photo shoot?

A: Photography is all about lighting, so we suggest later afternoon through the evening photo shoots.

Q: What if I have acne the day of my photo shoot?

A: Don’t worry! We are professionals and all photos provide light editing, so most of the time we can easily edit out that pesky pimple!

Q: How long does the shoot usually last? 

A: Depending on the package you book with us and if you’re doing the shoot with friends will determine the length of the shoot. See the package details at the bottom of the post.

Q: How can I book my senior shoot?  

A: It’s best to call us at 978-857-2088 to talk directly to Rachael Kloss, Lead Photographer of Dragonfly Photography.

Q: How much does it cost to get my photos done?

A: See below for our 2015 Senior Photography pricing and packaging.

Q: After my photo shoot is done how long does it take to get my photos back? 

A: After your shoot is completed you can expect your photos in two – three weeks.  Your photos will be shared with you via website.

senior pricing -01

Thanks for reading!

The Dragonfly Photography Team

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