An Inside Look At Boudoir Photography


So many woman ask us “what is a boudoir shoot and what can I expect during it?”  What we can tell you is that a boudoir shoot is an opportunity to capture your soft & sexy side, all while having fun in a relaxing and self-empowering environment. While it is great to tell you about your experience, we thought we would  also show you, to really eliminate any inner fears!   To help paint the picture of the experience you can expect, we have put together a step by step photo diary; helping you to get a better understanding of how our Boudoir Events run.

 All the photos were taken from our last Boston Boudoir shoot at the Revere Hotel in Boston.

Step 1: Arrive to the hotel and have a glass or two of complimentary champagne

 Boudoir (1002 of 22)

Boudoir (1006 of 22)

Step 2: Get your make-up done by a professional artist 

Boudoir (1004 of 22)

Step 3: Get your hair done by one of our hairdressers 

Boudoir (1007 of 22)   Boudoir (1018 of 22)

4. Bring your own lingerie or chose from our fun goodies

Boudoir (1001 of 22)

5. If you’re planning on giving your photos to your boyfriend/husband you can pick out the Cigar Box of your choice

Boudoir (1003 of 22)

6. While your getting primped Rachael and other photographers set-up the shooting location

Boudoir (1009 of 22)

7. Your session begins behind PRIVATE doors (unless you want a friend to tag along)

Boudoir (1012 of 22)

Boudoir (1010 of 22)

Boudoir (1014 of 22)

Boudoir (1022 of 22)

Boudoir (1015 of 22)

(During the process Rachael will make you feel comfortable, all while cheering you on and making you laugh.  She shows you her photos as you go to ensure you’re happy with the way you look!)

Boudoir (1013 of 22)

Boudoir (1020 of 22)

8. Once your session concludes you can eat pizza, review your order needs with Rachael and celebrate your sexiness (fireworks not promised 🙂 ) 

Boudoir (1019 of 22)

Boudoir (1008 of 22)

Boudoir (1016 of 22)


We hope this gave you a better insight into the world of Boudoir Photography!  Let us know what you think! 


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