Getting To Know Rachael

Meet Rachael, The lead photographer and owner of Dragonfly Photography:  Rachael, who grew-up in Georgetown, MA, has been described as outgoing, happy, and easy going!  If you have ever worked with Rachael, you know just how fun,  exciting, comfortable and adventurous her photo shoots can be!  BUT, Since not everyone knows her, we wanted to share some insight into the world of Rachael. So, today on the blog,  we are getting personal. Sharing fun facts and intimate photos from Rachael’s everyday life.

Fun Facts:

  • She is taking scuba diving lessons, hoping to one day be an underwater photographer
  • She played field hockey all through high school and coached last fall at Central Catholic High School
  • She has an array of pets, including one dog, three fish and one hamster
  • She lived in Santa Monica for four years
  • She has a passion for music, starting a CD Club with her friends where everyone in the club makes a CD for the month they are assigned and mails it out to the group
  • She will do anything for a walk on the beach
  • She loves to attend music festivals, attending Bonnaroo four times

Personal Photos:

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